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Company Team Building

Take the stress out of organising a Team Building Event... CEC will find you a superb location and offer you our knowledge and expertise to help you create a team building event which is fun and exhilarating, whether its for staff incentives or client entertaining. Make your selection from our extensive range of motorised, shooting or inflatable disciplines to ensure your day meets all your expectations. With our onsite team and hand held process we can deliver a perfect day without the stress.

Team Building Venues

The list of venues we can use for our team building, conferencing and company events is endless and are situated all around the UK. We also have some spectacular venues in Europe if you are looking for an event further a field. Lodges, Stately homes, spa hotels are included in our comprehensive portfolio of venues so we can suit all budget allowances.

Example of a typical Team Building Day:

Venue: Loseley Park, Nr Guildford - Hold your traditional English country activity day at Loseley Park, an Elizabethan Manor House which has excellent grounds for Clay pigeon shooting, Archery and motorised activities. I would recommend splitting your group of 30 guests into 4 teams of 7 / 8 guests. The suggestion is to have 4 (or 5) activities for practice in the morning and an afternoon competitive format with 4 teams rotating around each activity during a 2 -3 hour session. I propose the following itinerary:

  • Initial reception, coffee / tea and bacon rolls in the Chestnut Lodge
  • Event and activity briefing
  • Split into 4 teams of 7 / 8 (based on group of 30)
  • Morning session of 4 / 5 activities
  • Mid session refreshments
  • 2 course buffet luncheon in the Chestnut Lodge
  • Afternoon competitive format
  • Mid session refreshments
  • Activities end
  • Afternoon tea and cakes
  • Award ceremony for winning team and individuals if required

PRICES From: (4 activities): £250.00 per person + VAT (Clays + Archery + Quad Bikes + Honda Pilots)

PRICES From: (5 activities): £265.00 per person + VAT (Clays + Archery + Quad Bikes + Honda Pilots + Human Table Football)

Motorised Activities

Honda Pilots – Unrestricted, single seat, Pilot Buggies capable of 0-60 mph in 6 seconds with top speeds of 70 mph

Power Turns – Two seat buggies with independent power and lever control to two large back wheels. Capable of spinning 360 degrees on their own axis.

Mini Mavericks – New single seat buggies with traditional driving controls build from Mini Cooper engine and steering parts, 4 large all terrain tyres and a safety roll cage.

4x4 Off Road Driving – Full 4x4 instruction is given as part of this discipline. Exhilarating driving over rough terrain to test and competent driver.

Quad Bikes – Responsible driving skills are required to control the 4 wheel quads around a testing obstacle course.

Reverse Steer – Sounds easy but confuses even the most competent driver! Steer it left and you go right an vice versa through a flagged course.

Blind Land Rover Driving – Do you trust your navigator? You’ll need to because they guide the driver through a series of gates back to the start point.

Target Sports

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Using automatic traps we can simulate different game birds, Pheasant, Partridge, Duck or Teal in a safe and controlled environment.

Air Rifle and Pistol Shooting – Target shooting with a wide range of targets including clays, balloons, roundels using rifles with telescopic sights.

Archery or Crossbow – Master the ancient skills of longbow and crossbow shooting utilising traditional field archery longbows and Barnett Cammando crossbows.

Laser Clays – All the thrills of normal shooting without the cartridges which is ideal for restricted areas of land or build up areas around hotels.

Paintball – A wide variety of imaginative and different combat game formats, including close combat where team on a multi-activity day take on our own sniper. Full safety equipment provided.

Team Building Events

It’s a Knockout – All manner of “It’s a knockout” formats can be provided that involve your teams going head to head in a variety of crazy challenges. Based on a huge array of inflatable’s our knockout games are hilarious.

Human Table Football – All players take part in a life size version of table football by attaching themselves to strong poles in an arena formed by a huge inflatable with 8 players per side. Human Table Football is suitable for adults regardless of sex, age or ability.

Rubic Challenge – This event can be set up either indoors or outdoors and consists of two parts, a series of timed exercises of differing degrees of diffuculty, leading to the final Rubic Cube Eliminator. This is an excellent team-building event for all ages and abilities. The teams select a range of tasks from the option board – the longer and more complex the task the more points will be awarded. The winning two teams then compete in the Rubic Eliminator.

Globe Trotters – Working as a team, the objective is to arrive in Australia for a 2 week holiday but starting with absolutely nothing – no money, no passport and no transport! The teams must visit various countries around the world, completig exercises and collecting items on the way. Once the country the Guide will outline the exercise associated with that country and on completing it successfully, in the time allocated, will allow the team to select items which will include Tickets, Passports, Insurance and so on as well as a mode of transport from one country to another to help them arrive at the final destination.

Ad Fab – An event that can be organised outside or inside. Each team must produce a one minute commercial within the time allowed. Each team is provided with a professional TV camera, props and promotional material and has to promote a spurious product. You may even wish to provide your own products. Not only do the teams have to film the commercial, but then have to cut and edit it themselves, using or computers and editing suites and experienced technicians. Individuals within the team will need to take on the roles of Director, Producer, Scriptwriter, Promotions, etc. The team with the best presentation and TV commercial wins.

E-Maze – E-Maze is a fun, interactive, team development event, designed to test any team’s planning, delegation, communication and time creative learning environment. The mission starts by presenting you with some background intelligence, then the objectives and clues to complete the mission. You are given everything you need: The mission briefing, relevant intelligence, training notes and kit list, but after that you’re on your own and the clock is ticking.

Clue Trail – We would design a clue train in and around the facilities and grounds of the chosen venue. The trail would consist of a number of questions the answers to which can be found within the designated area. Each question has a value marked next to it – the higher the value the more cryptic the question and more difficult to find the answer. To earn additional pints, some of the questions will involve small team building exercises, which the teams must find and complete, drawing their answer on the answer sheet.