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Wimbledon Tennis Hospitality

Wimbledon Championships 2019 
Monday 1st July – Sunday 14th July 2019

Wimbledon is not just one of the top 3 events in the UK, it holds a huge worldwide interest every year. As one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, it is considered by many of the players, because of its tradition, to be the one they all want to win. There are very few tournaments now held on grass, which also adds to its appeal.

Wimbledon Tennis Hospitality

Throughout the Wimbledon fortnight the whole country stops to take notice of this great event. Many people rush home after work to witness nail-biting matches, sometimes going to 5 sets late into the evening.

We provide you with the opportunity to experience the intensity of some of these matches and to feel the atmosphere of Wimbledon’s show courts. This is a completely different experience from just watching on the TV. You get a feel for the sheer speed the ball travels and the power of these young athletes. Tennis is unique as in singles there is huge mental pressure. If you alone are the focus of attention for hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world, the pressure is immense and hard to overcome.

Wimbledon 2019 is likely to feature more fascinating contests between the world’s top players, all of whom will be striving to capture this much sought after accolade

One of the problems with Wimbledon is that it is a fairly expensive event and if no play takes place, the debenture policy is to give no refund. However, with the introduction of the new roof on Centre Court and No.1 Court, you are now guaranteed to see tennis on every day, whatever the weather.

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