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Corporate Entertaining, what's it for?

Originally designed to help sales people build relationships with current or potential customers, in recent years corporate hospitality has expanded to include staff incentives, employee team building techniques, training exercises and competition prizes.

Why should I entertain my clients?

Retaining existing clients is just as important as winning new ones. Corporate hospitality offers a perfect opportunity to repay customer loyalty, meet your clients in person, create new networking opportunities and cement current business relationships.

Entertaining your clients also makes an emphatic statement that your company is strong in the marketplace and your clients can trust you with their business. At a time when companies are struggling to survive, it is important to show your clients that your company is thriving.

Why would corporate hospitality benefit my staff?

Motivating your staff and maintaining morale is just as important as looking after your clients. What better way to achieve this than by arranging an amazing Christmas party or taking them to a special event.

Showing your staff appreciation for their efforts could improve staff performance and will almost certainly improve relationships within your team and company.

Why should I book my hospitality through the Corporate Entertainment Company?

The Corporate Entertainment Company has been the UK’s leading supplier of official corporate hospitality at major sporting events for over 15 years.

Corporate Entertainment Company stands out from its competitors by offering a consultancy service to new and existing clients based on considerable experience of the industry. Clients are offered an honest and ‘real’ appraisal of events, designed to broaden a client’s understanding and completely satisfy their requirements.

Each member of staff has a broad knowledge of the events industry and will give advice to the highest level of integrity to suit a client’s budget and objectives.

How do I know which event and facility is right for my clients?

The Corporate Entertainment Company tailors its event packages to individual client needs, ensuring that all specifications and requirements are met and guaranteeing that the client maximizes the effectiveness of their hospitality experience.

How do I know my booking with Corporate Entertainment is safe?

The Corporate Entertainment Company is a cash-rich company established for over 15 years. We offer only official hospitality to our clients and adhere to the strictest codes of practice within the industry.

Corporate Entertainment Company values your enquiry and booking. All orders are confirmed by contract, signed by both parties, ensuring a greater degree of protection on both sides.